2020.10 9-11, Vilnius
Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Participation at All Lithuanian Weekend (“ALW“) festival:

  1. If the event will be canceled by the organisers all amount of the payed tickets will be refunded.
  2. If participant will be forced or decide to cancel the participation at the event because of his health issues or personal safety measures all amount of payed tickets will be refunded.
  3. All participants are attending the event on their own risk.
  4. Event will take place with some special safety rules, but no restrictions for foreigners to participate until they follow general Lithuanian government restrictions and safety measures. So, check them what applies for foreigners from other countries coming to Lithuania.
  5. For lindy track classes there will be no partner changes, so equal number of leaders/followers will be confirmed. In order to secure place at this track better to register with partner.
  6. There will be requirement to measure temperature at the entrance of any venue (classes/parties).
  7. It will be necessary to disinfect hands before entering/leaving any venue/hall and after dancing with the partner.
  8. It will be necessary to wear face masks inside all venues while not maintaining safe 2 meters distance from the not familiar people groups.
  9. Wearing of the Face masks will not be mandatory but recommended when dancing in the classes hall or parties dance floor, but still maintaining safe 2 meters distance between couples/persons.
  10. Classes and parties venues will be spacious, so there will be possibility to maintain safe distance between persons/couples.
  11. Organisers will recommend when dancing lindyhop at the parties to stick with several permanent partners,
  12. The organizer does not take any responsibility for participants injuries or health damages that might happen during the event.
  13. The organizer does not take any responsibility for participants belongings.
  14. Organisers cannot guarantee that all announced teachers will be present, as teacher might get ill. It means that your class schedule might be changed, or you will have different teachers than announced.
  15. During the check-in you will receive  a wristband. You have to wear it during the whole event. You cannot share or change it with anyone. In case you do not wear it or you cannot show it to the organizers you have to leave the event. In case you lose or ruin it you have to immediately inform the organizers about it.
  16. The pass (ticket) to ALW  festival (“Pass”) a ALW festival participant (“Participant”) shall get when he/she chooses when registering at the web site http://alllithuanianweekend.lt (“Web Site”).
  17. The Participant for the Pass shall pay the price (“Price”) indicated at the Web Site on the date of Participant’s registration.
  18. If participant registration status is “waiting list“ (if you are registering for full pass), the payment shall be made after approval and received confirmation by e-mail.
  19. The Participant shall pay the Price by one payment.
  20. Whole Price shall be paid in a term of 7 calendar days after an e-mail message on confirmation of registration has been received.
  21. The payment could be done in 3 possible ways: with credit or debit card online instantly via PAYSERA secure gateway; directly into our bank account by bank transfer; credit or debit card at Lindyhop.lt club, Geležinkelio str. 6, Vilnius.
  22. If the Participant cancels his/her registration without justified reason, the part of the Price to be refunded shall depend on the date of cancellation:
    – by the 1st of October 2020 – 66% of the Price;
    – by the 8th of October 2020 – 33% of the Price;
    – the Price (any part of it) shall not be refunded after the 8th of October 2020.
  23. If Participant is unable to attend the event  she/he can transfer the ticket to someone else, but must inform us about the change first so that we can check if there are spot lefts. And if we approve the change,  that new participant MUST do his own registration just not pay for it.
  24. The Participant represents and confirms that:
    – he/she has read all the information regarding Passes, Prices and other relevant issues at the Web Site;
    – all the information provided by him/her when registering is true;
    – he/she understands that during ALW festival he/she might face increased physical strain, is ready for that, and there is no one responsible for his/her health but himself/herself.
  25. When registering and processing checkout at alllithuanianweekend.lt website Participant must provide correct personal information. The Participant is responsible for the correct data submission.
  26. By accepting these rules Participant agrees that the personal data provided by Participant’s  could be processed for ordered services performance and direct marketing purposes. The Participant also agrees that his e-mail and phone number could be used ot sent notifications necessary the ordered services to fulfill.
  27. The controller and alllithuanianweekend.lt website operator is registered at Personal data controllers state register and follows the Privacy policy rules.