2020.10 9-11, Vilnius

This is a celebration of the spirit of Jazz Age in the very best way – the way Lithuanians do it. Combining the best Lithuanian Swing bands and the best Lithuanian Jazz dance teachers, All Lithuanian Weekend is a time machine taking you to the 30’s of Paris or New York.

The idea was born in 2014 when Lindyhop.lt club was celebrating its 10 year anniversary by organising a big birthday festival with all the jazz and swing related goods we can offer in the Lithuanian scene. It felt so good, we didn’t want to stop.

All Lithuanian Weekend combines the main Lithuanian Swing dance schools’ representatives and unities all the forces just for one weekend to jazz the hell out of you.

Best shows, best competitions, best bands, best teachers, we’re only missing YOU! Let’s celebrate Lindyhop.lt 18th season!